Who Are The Widowed? What Do They Look Like? Where Are They?

Mary Lee RobinsonUpon being widowed suddenly, I sought ways to find comfort. I discovered just that kind of healing in the stories of other grievers, while writing the following books:

  • The Widow or Widower Next Door
  • Grief Diaries: Loss of a Spouse
  • Grief Diaries; Help for the Newly Bereaved
  • Grief Diaries; Hello from Heaven
  • Grief Diaries; Loss of a Parent

Mary Lee Robinson, Author, Speaker, Certified Grief Coach and Blogger

Originally from Towson, MD, Mary Lee now lives in the Low Country of the Carolinas with and cares for her Mom, a very affectionate Rottweiler and a senior Dachshund. She also enjoys volunteering at a local hospital and entertaining friends.