The Widow or Widower Next Door

Upon being widowed suddenly, I sought ways to find comfort. I discovered just that kind of healing in the stories of other grievers, while writing the following books:


        • The Widow or Widower Next Door
        • Grief Diaries: Loss of a Spouse
        • Grief Diaries; Help for the Newly Bereaved
        • Grief Diaries; Hello from Heaven
        • Grief Diaries; Shunning the Widowed (coming soon)


And in the mourning bands I found from Diane Sapp, owner and creator of "Expressions of Grief".  Diane and I share a mission and a purpose to help others through grieving together and ever present wearable memorial rings and jewelry, now available in a broad selection of styles.


I am proud to offer you both the books and the high quality elegant fashion costume memorial rings here to help you in your journey.


-- Mary Lee Robinson, Author, Speaker, Certified Grief Coach and Owner of “Rings of Remembrance”

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