"Project Little Elf" or How to Make a Sad Person's Christmas a Joyful Christmas, in 12 Easy Steps!

Project Little Elf

Want to make someone sad be glad for Christmas? Know someone who has recently lost a loved one? Project Little Elf shows you how in 12 easy steps. Become a Secret Santa and teach your kids compassion. 

INSTRUCTIONS : Project Little Elf is a fun family experience that teaches kids to be givers of kindness by pairing them with the perfect recipient: the newly bereaved. Leaving a small gift every night for 12 nights on the porch of someone with a heavy heart offers a delightful lesson in compassion, and leaves both giver and receiver with memories they’ll treasure for life.

To learn more, and get free printables, click on this link:https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzmC3olOEgShUG9DRWxVRXFHRmM/view