THE WIDOW OR WIDOWER NEXT DOOR is a powerful, yet easy read!

If you are new to this page, or Pinterest board, you may not know about how this whole thing started.

Not long after my husband died, I formed a club for widows and widowers. It grew quickly, and I was enlightened about how few resources are available for grieving spouses.  That lead to gathering widowed folk I knew to write what turned out to be the first of several books for those of us who walk the widowed path.

I invite you to read what others are saying. Here are just a few of the reviews

Bok Choy

"If you, or anyone that you know has lost their Heart! PLEASE buy this book for them! Mary Lee Robinson and all of the wonderful people who shared their pain deserve awards for teaching others how to deal with the earth shattering pain that is the loss of your loved one! No one teaches you in your life how to prepare for the eventuality we will all endure in our lifetime. This book should be a MUST READ for everyone! From Middle school age, every year! People are terrified to talk about death, then when it is thrust upon them.........they disintegrate into microscopic pieces. Sometimes, we are able, slowly, oh so very slowly, to attempt to put those pieces back together again. We are never the same! This amazing book, by Mary Lee Robinson, helps to understand that you really aren't alone!"

"The Widow or Widower Next Door is a gentle, yet stark collection of stories shared by twenty-five men and women who have lost a spouse to death. The collection is equally raw and intimate and is compiled in such a way as to offer the newly bereaved opportunity to experience that she is not alone in small, digestible bites while at the same time affording those who have sat with grief a while to absorb growth and healing."

"Mary Lee Robinson has given the world an excellent resource to view the experience and consequences of the loss of a spouse. She unabashedly tackles a social stigma, grief, in our disconnected, postmodern society. The personal revelations of the widows and widowers opens more avenues of thought than many academic works on the subject of death and dying. In my decades of ministry and teaching college sociology, I did not have a text that could convey with clarity the personal process of grief. This book accomplishes that task. Easy to read, yet thought provoking, this book is a "must read" for clergy, counselors, academicians, doctors, nurses and anyone who loves another in marriage, family and life.

"LOVE IT! I cannot believe that a book like this wasn't previously available. I found the book to be for just about everyone, and I love the Q&A format. It's a great resource for a widow, widower, family member or friend. It's a short, honest, easy read about a very serious subject - sometimes funny, sometimes sad. I read it straight through cover to cover in one sitting with my Kleenex box by my side. Thank You!!"

I encourage you to pick up a copy for yourself, a friend, or maybe a family member. One of the biggest helps a griever can have is to learn they are not alone, they are not the only one. The book is available for purchase right here in the store on this website.