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There are so many adjustments that must be made when we lose a spouse. Beyond the mere absence of someone we love, the way we do so many things will change too. Everything from how we travel now, how we prepare meals, the way we think about our home security, even how we approach defining ourselves in our appearance.


I’ve tackled a bunch of projects to help widows and widowers find their way, based on my own widowhood experience and my training as a Certified Grief Coach.  I’ve created this video to tell you a little more about them, and where you can find them.   Watch it here:





In summary, I have ideas, quotes, and posts on:


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I would love to talk to you at each of these outlets, and hear some of your thoughts and ideas and coping strategies. “Follow”, “Like” and “Join” and let’s get the conversations going!  See you there!

Walking the Widowed Path...

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