Alone in the World?


An old friend from long ago asked me today if I was alone in the world now?

I think the answer depends on how you look at it. It's true, my family consists of 3 folks well (well) into their 80's and a 1/2 cousin I consider more of a friend (a very good friend) than a cousin, and all of them live several states away.

It's true that some very long friendships didn't survive the strain of my loss. Those friends are a few years older, hadn't experienced profound loss yet themselves. Pat's death made them mortal. They preferred to go back to sticking their heads in the sand.

It's true that very few of the new neighbors we thought were budding friendships (many also older and without profound loss yet) rallied, and certainly don't "get it".

It's also very true.....that when those folks walked out, some fantastic people walked in. That includes some friends with whom I've reconnected, after decades. A few more precious friends who never left my virtual side. They know that, while I climb new mountains every day, I'm still a little fragile.

The friends that I claim now, are among the most compassionate, caring, loving crowd I could hope to have. I feel kind of like the kid who's told she was the "lucky one". Mom & Dad CHOSE're adopted!

I AM the lucky one! I am not alone in the world. The glass is 1/2 full. Smiles.


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