Watch Mary Lee's Interview about Set An Extra Plate, Grief Diaries Books, and "Project Little Elf"

Set an Extra Plate

Watch Mary Lee's interview on TV at HTC's River Talk, as she explains "Set an Extra Plate", "Project Little Elf" and the concept behind Grief Diaries. Click on the link below to view.

Listen to the "Set an Extra Plate" Initiative Described in Detail on the Radio on WRNN Hot Talk Radio

Set an Extra Plate

Listen to Mary Lee Robinson talk about the "Set an Extra Plate" Initiative to reach out to grieving spouses and families during difficult holidays.  The interview lasts about 7 1/2 minutes. To listen, just click on this link, then click on the "play" arrow. 

"My Interview With Oprah" by my friend and publisher, Lynda Cheldelin Fell. Why is Grief More Taboo Than Sex?

Publishing a book series isn't for the faint of heart, especially for a woman editor-in-chief tackling sensitive subjects. Sometimes when I fall into bed at the end of a long day, I’m utterly exhausted. But full of unfinished tasks, my mind refuses to shut down. Before I know it, the overactive and overtired voice in my head is having imaginary conversations with notable figures. Last night’s conversation went something like this.

THE WIDOW OR WIDOWER NEXT DOOR is a powerful, yet easy read!

If you are new to this page, or Pinterest board, you may not know about how this whole thing started.

Not long after my husband died, I formed a club for widows and widowers. It grew quickly, and I was enlightened about how few resources are available for grieving spouses.  That lead to gathering widowed folk I knew to write what turned out to be the first of several books for those of us who walk the widowed path.

I invite you to read what others are saying. Here are just a few of the reviews

True Love Happens to a Fortunate Few

I received a gift of grateful awareness recently.  I had deeply intimate soul sharing conversations, the kind that only best friends can have. One woman is a very good friend, the other a relafriend, a relative I’d have chosen in a heartbeat to be a sister, although that isn’t our family connection. Both ladies are in my age group, mid-sixties to seventyish. Both have been married more than once, or at least in a second serious relationship.

How To Do The Next Thing

Do the Next Thing

Random Ruth, my occasional assistant, marvels at my ability to shift gears quickly and rearrange my priorities and my schedule. Comes from years in construction management, where the landscape (materials availability, access, surprises not on the blueprints) was constantly changing. Just like a battle make one and then promptly throw it out.