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Mary Lee Robinson


About Mary Lee…


Mary Lee Robinson found herself suddenly widowed in February of 2013. Finding herself very much alone, Mary Lee was led to create a Social Group for widows and widowers (or as she fondly refers to them and herself, “wids”).  It i

Next she gathered 25 other “wids” who wanted to participate in the writing of a book The Widow or Widower Next Door, a collection of 25 questions answered by 25 “wids.” The book is aimed at anyone who has ever met a widow or widower, is a widow or widower, or may possibly become a widow or widower. In other words, we think it should be read by everyone.


Our culture simply does not know what to do for grievers, or that we grievers are often really alone. New widows and widowers haven’t the faintest idea how to adapt to their new circumstances. There is very little information available, presently. It is her passion to improve that culture through education.


She has also co-authored Grief Diaries: Loss of a Spouse, Grief Diaries: Hello from Heaven, Grief Diaries:How to Help the Newly Bereaved and contributed to Grief Diaries: Loss of a Parent, andGrief Diaries; Shunning the Widow is scheduled for release about the end of this year. All are available on this site in the web store as well as and Barnes & Noble.


Early on, Mary Lee realized that she wanted touchstone memorial symbols, which lead her to first ordering rings from and then meeting Dianne Sapp, Designer of Rings of Remembrance. It seems as though they were destined to meet and collaborate. Mary Lee lives in the Low Country of South Carolina, but her hometown was Baltimore, Maryland.  While she found Diane online, it is serendipity that Diane lives 15 minutes from Mary Lee’s home neighborhood. Destiny? We think so!


The mission of Rings of Remembrance is to mend broken hearts. They have made a miraculous difference in Mary Lee’s life and countless other lives all over the world.  The Rings of Remembrance, available on this site, are heaven inspired and they can heal your heart and soul". They are also a wonderful answer to the question “What do I do about my rings?”


Mary Lee Robinson is also a Certified Grief Coach, American Assoc. of Christian Counselors, a speaker, and a proud member of the National Grief & Hope Coalition.


View her TV interview, talking about her "Set an Extra Plate Initiative" here:


About her blog…


The blog, The Widow or Widower Next Door is new, beginning in earnest in May of 2016. It is her hope to bring inspiration, hope, encouragement and information to the grieving. In addition to inspirational quotes and articles, she is bringing products and strategies to the attention of a population whose needs have suddenly changed. The demographic for all of her media platforms are widows and widowers aged 55 to 68, both male (25%) and female (75%) who reside all over the USA as well as the British Isles, Canada and Australia.


Almost all are active on Facebook, about 70% are active on Pinterest. Her readers and followers are enthusiastic rookies with rookie social media technical skills and most receive her posts on mobile devices. Few of her niche readers are active on Twitter, but her professional associates are. The readers other interests include home décor, healthy cooking and recipes, travel, fashion and makeup, inspiration and quotes, and some are avid readers. Most have a need to learn about home and personal security as well as financial organization, management and planning.


About her influence…


All blog posts are shared to Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Many are shared on The Grief Toolbox's Facebook page. The statistics for Pinterest and Facebook accounts are:



Pinterest (started June of 2016):


Average monthly views – 660,023

Average monthly engaged – 7,731

Average monthly growth – 28%


Facebook (started in 2013):


Followers- 7,179

Average monthly reach – 131, 000

Average monthly engagements – 21,000


The Grief Toolbox


Followers on Facebook - 516,510


Mary Lee has been seen and heard recently on WPDE and WRNN:







About her sponsors:


Current sponsors include Lower Cape Fear Hospice, WPDE TV ABC affiliate, WRNN talk radio, Crady's Restaurant, Coffee Nerd and Encore Florals & Gifts. We welcome additional sponsors.




About her strategy…


At present, there are a countless grief writers and posters on Facebook, and very, very few on Pinterest. While many are addressing deep grief and grief support, there are none found that are approaching the practical aspects of adapting to widowed life and all the changes that brings. Arenas such as meal planning and cooking, building a new social life, reinventing one’s fashion appearance and home security are all in transition upon the loss of a spouse. Her hope is to fill that vacuum and fill an unmet need with informational and educational blog posts, videos and pins. In short, she wants to lead a "Widowlution"!



About contacting her…


Mary Lee welcomes opportunities for write product reviews, participate in product give-aways, sponsorship opportunites as well as speaking engagements. To contact her to pursue a dialog or request a media kit, her email is www. 


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